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Best Beauty Oils For Skin In India – For Glowing Face

Best beauty oils for skin in India

In this post on ‘best beauty oils for skin in India’ we will discuss about pure and natural oils that are great for your skin and are available in India at best prices.

Many people, when they hear about beauty oil, they think it will leave their skin oily and cause breakouts.

But for your information beauty oils are loaded with skin soothing ingredients that will nourish and hydrate your skin.

Sometimes impure and chemically treated oils may cause allergies and rashes to skin, but pure and cold pressed oils won’t.

Below stated pure best beauty oils are great for all types of skin like dry, oily, sensitive and combination.

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Here I have customized each product according to your skin type and skin issues. But before that let’s know –

Beauty oils are those which are beneficial for skin and which keeps skin moisturized and soft in every weather. It lightens and brightens and improves skin texture while making it naturally glowing.

Oils such as, argan oil, moringa oil, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, sunflower seed oil etc. are proved to be the best facial oils for glowing skin in India.

We recommend extra-virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined oils for hair and skin care. For instance, refined coconut oil from kitchen is less beneficial for the skin than the unrefined and organic one.

But which oil is best for skin glowing depends on the property and purity of that oil and the type of skin it is suitable for. We have made it easy for you by reviewing different types of pure natural oils, sorted for different types of skin.

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Skin dries out heavily during winters. Sometimes no matter how much moisturizer you apply to your skin, it still remains dry and itchy. Therefore best beauty oils for skin have become the favorite beauty product to many people.

If you want to treat wrinkles or to stop wrinkle formation on dry skin, moringa oil and argan oil are the best facial carrier oils for face and skin.

Moringa is extracted from the seeds of drumstick plant and argan oil is derived from the argan tree. Both these oils moisturize the skin from within and prevent the formation of wrinkles, as well as blemishes.

There are various other natural oils that are great for dry skin, have a look –

#1 Astralglee Pure Natural Coconut Carrier Oil Review

Pure coconut oil
  • This fractionated cold pressed 100% pure coconut oil moisturizes skin and hydrates it naturally. It is suitable for dry and combination skin types.
  • The brand guarantees the highest quality at reasonable price.
  • This light moisturizing formula deeply penetrates into the skin while making it softer. No need to worry about greasiness or pores clogging.
  • This coconut oil contains saturated fats which helps in hair growth while making them thicker and stronger.
  • This pure coconut oil also acts as a cleanser for face because of its excellent absorbing property.
  • You can also use this facial oil as a makeup remover while nourishing your face.
  • This oil can be your massage oil because it penetrates deeply within. It is one of the best massage oil for babies and adults. You can mix this coconut oil with other essential oils to make it work more effectively as a massage oil and a face mask.
  • There are no Chemicals/Preservatives, Sulfates, Parabens. No Artificial Colors and no Artificial Fragrances.

#2 Urban Botanics Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil for Skin & Hair Review

Jojoba best facial oil
  • This pure multipurpose jojoba oil is great for all types of skin, hair and nails, specifically dry skin.
  • The Urban Botanics jojoba oil is obtained from the first pressing of the jojoba plant and is left in its natural unrefined state for the highest nutrient retention possible.
  • It nourishes and hydrates skin and hair. Can be used as a cleanser and makeup remover. It decreases the appearance of aging by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and sunburns. You can use it as a face mask to tighten and brighten your skin.
  • This Jojoba oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and A, essential fatty acids and has anti inflammatory properties.
  • Jojoba oil helps in maintaining your scalp’s natural moisture and also reduces dandruff. It also maintains hair growth and reduces damage caused from heat styling.
  • This beauty oil is free from chemicals, hexane and additives.
  • Jojoba oil can be included in your regular skin care routine.

#3 Vedaone Moringa Oil Cold Pressed Natural Oil Review

Moringa best beauty oil
  • Vedaone Moringa oil is extracted by cold pressed method from the seed kernels of moringa tree or drumstick tree. Moringa oil is also called as Ben oil, because it has high amounts of behenic acid.
  • Moringa oil is rich in vitamins B and C which moisturizes the skin. It is great for topical use on the skin and the hair, it is best suitable for dry skin.
  • Cold Pressed Moringa oil is known to have the highest properties and offers maximum benefits. It has the maximum nutrients too.
  • Beauty & health benefits of Vedaone Moringa Oil includes hair health, skin health, joints health, energy booster, bone development, oral health, liver health and more.
  • It has powerful anti-aging property, it reduces the visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Its antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties even help improve acne prone skin.
  • Best for hair as it promotes hair growth. Because of the high contents of vitamin A, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B and silica, moringa oil is known to promote natural and healthy hair growth!
  • You can even soften your hard nails by messaging them with moringa oil.

#4 Good Vibes 100% Pure Argan Carrier Oil Review

  • Argan oil is great for replenishing and revitalizing your skin. It is a natural moisturizer and is ideal for dry damaged and cracked skin or hair.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil by Good Vibes is unrefined with no filters or additives. It is naturally rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants which are beneficial to your skin, hair and body.
  • This Argan oil is 100% pure, unadulterated, and therapeutic grade. It is vegan and cruelty free, sustainly sourced and FFDC certified organic.
  • Combine it with an essential oil to get a multitude of healing benefits when applying to your skin while also bringing relaxation, wellness and satisfaction to your day.
  • This argan oil is best suitable for dry and damaged skin, rough and damaged hair.

If your skin is oily then you should use grape seed oil, this is an anti aging oil and it is a very light and less greasy.

You should apply it at night before going to bed. wash your face and apply a small quantity of this oil on face.

Also tea tree oil help in reducing and controlling the acne, pimples and blackheads on our face and body.

There are many others beauty oils beneficial for oily skin, let’s review best of them –

#5 Aromatique 100% Pure and Natural Grape Seed Oil Review

Grape seed oil for face and hair
  • This Grape seed oil suits all skin types, specifically oily, acne prone and sensitive skin.
  • This Argan oil is 100% pure, unadulterated, and therapeutic grade. It is vegan and cruelty free.
  • Brands ensures that the oil is extracted by cold pressed technique to retain its virginity, nutrients and natural aroma from fresh handpicked grape seeds.
  • The oil is filled with essential fatty acids that lock the moisture for the long time, keeping your skin hydrated and soothing away skin irritation problems.
  • Since the oil is loaded with vitamins & antioxidants that provides necessary nutrients to the skin & hair, improving its texture further.
  • Grapeseed Oil is completely odorless, thus making it an amazing carrier oil for diluting with any other essential oil. Since essential oils in the pure state are highly concentrated and not to be used directly on the skin therefore dilute the essential oil with carrier oil.

#6 Rey Naturals 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

Tea tree oil for skin
  • This oil is an organic remedy for dandruff, acne, stress, and more.
  • This essential oil is suitable for all skin and hair types.
  • Rey Naturals tea tree essential oil is pure and natural. It is chemical-free and additive-free.
  • Tea tree essential oil helps to reduce acne because of its anti-microbial properties. Dilute few drops of tea tree essential oil in your preferred skin cream to make the best acne and pimple cream. Apply it as acne n pimple cream or use it with a carrier oil and apply on the skin for eliminating spots and infections.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to treat dandruff. Add a few drops of essential oil to the carrier oil and apply in on scalp to get relief from dandruff.
  • It can also be used for aromatherapy to relief stress and enhance mental balance.

Pure Almond oil is one of the best facial oils for sensitive skin, it moisturizes skin and nourishes it within.

#7 Urban Botanics Pure Sweet Almond Oil Review

Best beauty oils - pure almond oil
  • Best oil to make skin soft and smooth. In spite almond oil is suitable to sensitive skin and hair type, still it is recommended to do a patch test according to the instructions given by the product.
  • This natural sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins and fatty-acids, one of the best facial oil in India for sensitive skin as well as all skin types.
  • This oil prevents you from UV damages, minimizes skin dryness, reduces dark circles, eye puffiness, improves complexion and skin tone, moisturizes dry skin, improves acne, reduces the appearance of scars, and promotes new hair growth.
  • The brand claims it is 100% pure, cold pressed and free from chemicals, hexane and additives.

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We know that before buying anything for skin and hair there are lot of expectations with the product and we value that. Therefore there are certain things that you should check before buying your best facial oil for skin or best natural oil for hair.

Ingredients – Check the ingredients of the product you are buying. There are oils that are pure and has no other ingredients included in them and they are expensive.

There are also some facial oils that are specifically designed for face and are blended with other essential oils or ingredients to solve the skin related issues (these ingredients are useful for skin). Such blended oils are cheaper in price.

Skin Requirement – Check the requirement of your skin, what is your skin issue, skin type and the purpose of buying the beauty oil. There are several skin related issues discussed above like drying out, itching, acne prone, aging, sunburns etc. Depending on your skin type and issue you can select your product.

Budget Friendly – Check the quantity, brand and budget, pick the one that suits your skin requirement. As a beginner try to buy the product available in less quantity like 30 ml or 50 ml. Because oils are something that you won’t require much to apply on skin, few drops will do the job.

The main benefit of applying beauty oil on your skin is that the oil can dissolve very well with the natural fat inside the skin.

Best beauty oil which is pure helps in retaining the natural moisture of skin and dehydrates it at the same time, this prevents drying out of skin.

Beauty oils have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties in them which helps protect our skin from bacterial and fungal infections.

Natural oils or facial oils prevents wrinkles and fine lines from face and skin. It is also great in reducing sunburns, blemishes and improves the complexion.

Natural oils increase the resistance of our skin and they also protect our skin from the dust, dirt and smoke of our polluted cities.

Again best beauty oils are able to quickly penetrate the natural barrier of the skin and enter inside it, which causes the skin to become “plumped up”.

You must also have seen wrestlers applying lot of oil on their body to make it look smooth and shinier. Yes men and women both can take benefit from oils and oil based natural products.

And thus beauty oils make our face and body looks healthy, nourished and smooth. Now which oil is best for skin glowing? or which facial oil can be used for which skin types?, read below.

Do you know, women have been using beauty oils for about 1000 years ago. The system of keeping skin soft, healthy and glowing using natural oils is ancient.

Different oils for face and skin were used those days to achieve beautiful and flawless skin. In ancient Egypt women who were known for their beauty and fashion sense all over the world, used Moringa oil to keep their skin soft and beautiful. It is extracted from the seeds of the drumstick plant.

Similarly in Greece and other parts of Europe women have been using Olive oil for skin and hair care. Olive oil is extracted from olives and is proven great for keeping skin smooth and hydrated. There are several health benefits of using olive oil in cooking too.

How do we forget about the Coconut oil which has been used for centuries in India, It’s a great part of cooking, skin care, hair care, treatment of eczemas, allergies, psoriasis and sunburn.

All the ancient cultures with distinct civilizations of the world, used natural oils for treating skin and hair related problems, even for treating several diseases.

These oils were modified by the multinational companies in form of beauty products. But various chemicals, fragrances and colors are added to these natural oils for creating creams and lotions, which are harmful to our skin.

The cruel fact is that, we started using these beauty products by following the trend and locked away our ancient knowledge and natural oils.

But thank goodness, facial oils are back again warmly in fashion and people are adapting the goodness and benefits of using natural oils for skin and hair.

By now you must have understood the benefits of using natural oils for skin in India or the beauty oil benefits on Indian skin. There are several oils available in the market but which is the pure natural oil for skin? therefore to reduce your stress we have selected for you the pure and cold pressed facial oils for all types of skin. Hope you’ve found the one best suitable to your skin type.

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